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Spring 2024 Clinics

Boys Mondays (4/3/23 - 5/15/23, no clinic on 4/27/23)

Announcing Arlington Basketball Club's spring clinic dates!


Boys Mondays (3/18/24 - 4/29/24) off 4/15


1st/2nd grade: 5:00 PM

3rd/4th grade: 6:00 PM

5th/6th grade: 7:00 PM

7th/8th grade: 8:00 PM


Girls Sundays (3/17/24 - 5/5/24) off 3/31 and 4/14


1st/2nd grade: 5:00 PM

3rd/4th grade: 5:00 PM

5th/6th grade: 6:00 PM

7th/8th grade: 6:00 PM


Kindergarten (Coed) Sundays @ 4:00 PM

Price: $150

Sign-up via Arlington Recreation:


About ABC


The Arlington Basketball Club is an organization that is town supported and run by Arlington coaches/parents for kids Kindergarten - 8th grade. Our mission is to offer a fun, high quality and supportive program for kids (K to 8th grade) to develop, learn and play basketball. ABC strives to provide age-appropriate and skill-appropriate player development and coaching. We teach solid fundamentals and skills as part of our travel (played through Arlington Recreation as part of the MetroWest BBall League) and developmental programs. This approach enables us to have a strong, sustainable program, which will help develop basketball players so more kids in town play and are ready for the travel and high school programs if they choose to. We simply want to teach kids basketball skills from early on, help them learn the game, develop and watch them grow throughout the program. 


Our Goal


Our goal is to get more kids to play in an organized way, start them earlier (before 4th grade), and also get the kids who are already in the town travel program to practice/play more. We welcome any kid that wants to play basketball, this is not a program just for kids on the travel teams. It's for anyone that wants to learn to play, develop basketball skills and have fun. Some kids will play just for fun with their friends, some will take it more seriously and play on travel teams and later in High School. We just want everyone to have the opportunity to play and learn.  



The travel program starting in 3rd grade is very well run by Arlington Recreation and all of the volunteer coaches (parents) who participate. Outside of the travel programs there are other options in town that are good, but there is no structured organization that is town based and supported. The Arlington Basketball Club will fill this void and run through Arlington Recreation. The travel program (which runs from mid November - March grades 4-8) for most players this is their first and only exposure to basketball. ABC will expose kids to basketball earlier, starting as early as Pre-K so by the time they start travel basketball they would have gone through clinics/programs and ready to play if they chose to. Over time this will expose more kids to basketball, more kids will play and we will have more players and teams. Also, for the future the high school teams will have a larger pool of kids who tryout and play basketball for the girls and boys teams. The goal is to get more kids to play, build the volume of players up and coach/teach them throughout the program.

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